Quick And Easy Instructions On How To Build Your Own Deck

Adding a nice deck to your home is one of the most incredible things you can do to add more living space. You gain an extra family room where your kids can play outside and not get muddy on those half rainy days, plus you can have people over, put out some lawn chairs and barbeque hamburgers no matter what the weather. There are some common deck building tips that you should be aware of, let’s take a look now.

Search The Internet For Free Deck Building Plans

There are thousands of free plans available online that you can use ‘as is’ or change a little to fit your space. There are even deck building programs you can download that will let you pick your dimensions, add on the railing, stairs and any other options you desire

Then you can print the entire blueprint up and run down to the local home improvement store to order your materials. Everything will be laid out on your blueprint with sizes and types of materials, you can just hand it over to the sales rep and tell him to tally it up and start loading. It’s a huge timesaver.

Once You Get All Of The Materials Home Start Cutting

A lot of the parts of your deck are going to be nearly the same length of cuts over and over again. Rather than cutting each one as you need them, do everything assembly line style and cut all of the similar pieces at the same time. It should be right on your list of materials and blueprint page.

Then take your strings and some stakes and lay out the perimeter of the deck and check all of the measurements twice. Another trick to make sure it’s square is to check the diagonal measurements to make sure they’re equal.

Once you know where each post will need to be you can start digging with a post hole digger. It’s a good idea to get a local teenager to do some of the work. They’ll bust their chops for a few hours and save your back from a full day of recovery. Once all of the holes have been dug, place the posts in them and hold them in place with stakes until you fill the surrounding hole with concrete. You should use a post leveler so that they are perfectly straight in their places.

Now It’s Time To Lay The Horizontal Beams

These will be the large beams that run the entire length of your deck and the decking boards will be attached to them in the end. You should attach them to the beams with galvanized bolts so they’re secure and rust proof for a long lasting project.

When it’s time to start laying your deck boards be sure and us high-quality deck screws that won’t rust or corrode, plus they won’t back out or loosen up on you ever. You should also make sure that you leave a uniform amount of space between the deck boards for water and fine dirt to pass through. There are deck spacer tools that make this very easy to do, or just a couple of thick nails will work.

If you’ve never built a deck before you’ll be surprised at how quickly it goes. Having a nice blueprint really helps to keep things orderly as well. Be sure to use the best pressure treated lumber you can buy and get a high-quality deck stain to keep your deck looking new year after year.

However, It is always best to contact experienced carpenters to do the work for you. If you live near Greenwich, Ct you can contact Abzun Carpentry, they really know their work and can build you a deck in no time.